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I'm takin it back to the days (79-82) when I was a student at ART & DESIGN high school. All of the young up and coming WRITERS went to this school during the early 80's. Writers like ERNI, MARE, PASE, GIL, TAK, AIRBORN, KAZE, DORE, QUASAR, PYTHON, LADY LYNDA, TEAZ, CONAN, FABEL,PINK, SEEN, TAB, DOZE, and allot more. Writers from all over the city would cut school just to sneak into ours and hang out in the lunch room at our table. We would all sit at one table in the lunch room and just bug and write in each others books, and then cut school and go on missions. We would either go RACKIN (steelin paint), MOTION TAGIN (bombin trains while in motion), or straight hit the LAYUPS or YARDS (where they layup trains ). But what was cool was we would just sit in the lunch room and piece all day. workin on our styles. In one book it was common to see a page full with nothin but the letter "k",or "S". thats how we worked on our pieces, or to create color schemes, CONAN would fill up a box with all designer markers (alchohol markers) and then without lookin in the box pull out a marker and start coloring, and never look at the colors he was blendin and just some how make it work. We would also have ink fights at the table where out of no where we would pull the caps off our markers and start whipping the ink at each other, the janitors hated that! A&D was also notorious for beefs, so allot of crews would know where to find an A&D writer and roll up with there whole click. This happened with DEZ once rolling up looking for Fabel, and PJ (UA) rolled up to get MARE. But still the creativity in that school for writers was off the chain. My days as a writer were some of my greatest days in hip hop. If it wasn't for dancing there is no doubt in my mind I would have been a full time writer.

pieces from the lunch table, and A&D era:
pieces from the lunch table, and A&D era:

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