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Using a Pencil and Eraser
1- Draw two swerve guide lines (or two straight guide lines)
2- Box out a spot for each letter of the word your gonna piece.
3- Pencil (very light) a basic outline of each letter. Use the guide lineS on some parts to show the swere shape.
4- Darken the main lines and erase all other lines.
5- Connect each letter to each other with Pipe style conncetions. And erase unwanted lines.
6- Extend certain parts of each letter to give extra flava.
7- Add Arrows where ever you see fit. Erase unwanted lines.
8- Add chips and pieces off each flat part of your piece. And make sure you erase all unwanted lines so you can see only your  true pencil lines.
9- Add 3D lines, i chose to angle the lines inward to give a better 3D effect. So the left letters angle to the right, the right letters angle to the left, and the middle letters come straight down.
10- Now connect the lines with the bottom shape of your letters to make a 3D effect.
11- Ink in the piece first (not the 3D) just in case you might make some last minute changes to the letters.
12- Now ink in the 3D.
13- Add your final grid style effect to the 3D.

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