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1- Look at how i pencil in these arrows.
a- i create a basic arrow handle (fat line, skinny line)
b- then i add a center line (to help make the arrow perfect)
c- then using the center line i add a triangle on top
2- Now I ink in the outlines that i wanna keep.
(and of course i funk up the arrows with extra hookups)

3- Then i erase the pencil.

4- here are two ways i might add arrows on a letter.
i pretty much atach the arrows on the top and bottom corners of my letters.
But that is not a rule, you can place arrows anywhere you want.

In these examples i created some what i call TRANSAPRENT ARROWS. They basically go into the letters, and you will see an imprint of part of the arrow inside the letter as if it were behind the letter, or merging inside the letter.

5- Then i ink in the letters and add some flava, and erase the pencil work. (and i added some shadow on the letters)
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