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A BLACKBOOK is basically just a hardcover sketch book. They were really popular in the late 70's and early 80's and became some of the main skecth supplies for writers.
Blackbooks and Alcahol markers
this is some of my supplies right now.

You can never have enough blackbooks.
These books date as far back as 1981
Tips for blackbooks
1-If your one of them neat writers that like to keep a clean book, then you ain't really a writer, you can tell a serious writer cause his book is bombed with tags, pieces and throw ups. And the book is falling apart.
2-Blackbooks are not just meant for you to bomb, but also to let other writers bomb as well. So don't be stingy let other people get a page off your book, but keep the toys out (a toy is a weak writer, or beginner) experienced writers won't do a dope piece in your book if you have to many toys in it.
3- Never lend a clean book out to an experienced writer, cause if you do, you might as well gift wrap the book while your at it, cause you ain't never gonna see that book again.
3-never lend a book that has tons of pioneering writers or just dope writes in it. If your book was bombed by great writers and you lend it out to a writer you don't really know, again, might as well gift wrap it.
4- Try not to tear out pages from your book, it just looks like you fail on too many pages, and plus it makes the book fall apart worst than what you might want it. if you hit a page and it came out wack, just either try and fix it best you can, or  write an excuse for why you were wack that day, and turn it into a tag page (meaning a page where you let other writers tag up on.

DESIGN ART MARKERS: These are my all time favorite markers. They have different style nibs, and the alcohol blend incredibly.
DESIGN ART MARKERS: These are the new version, and they are ok, not my favorite.
PRISMA COLOR: These are popular  today for today's style of blending techniques. There cool, got dope blending colors, they don't blend as well as old school markers but they cool.
PANTONE: These markers come close to original DESIGN markers, and blend really dope.

AD markers: I love these as well, I need more.

COPIC COMIC BOOK markers: Love these as well, they come in many style nibs, but they got these Japanese style nibs that are off the hook.

OUTLINER'S: Must have for outlining your pieces. Make sure and stay away from alcohol based outliner's, and stick with FINE POINT or FELT TIP.
RAPID O GRAPH PENS: Dope for real detailed work in outlining and hookups, there are like needles, and create perfect lines.
ZIG CALLIGRAPHY MARKERS: If you wanna get them dope chisel style tags on your pages, then get these.
Get your name in graffiti