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How to draw a B Boy face.
draw a oval shape and lines for the eyes, nose, mouth.
indent for the eyes and cheek.
cheek and jaw line.
other jaw line and ear.
beginning of cap.
basic hat shape.
nose shape like the letter "V" and shade the nose with downward thin lines.
cartoon eyes shape.
eyelids and eyeballs.
eye brows like big upside down check marks, and smile wrinkles on each side of the cheeks.
zig zag smile or smirk
(any way you want, but don't get carried away with the zig zagz, keep it about four bends)
details, bottom lip, chin indent, upper lip indent, earring, dots on the baseball cap, and the neck in an angle, giving the BBOY an attitude to the side.
eyeballs filled in with two white hi lites on each eye, and for more flava, an old school 80's rope chain.
old school medallion with your initial and some hi lites.
Get your name in graffiti