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1- Get a light pencil and pick a letter that you want to piece.
now in constructiing this letter we are gonna pice it together like building blocks
this is an example using the letter "B" and "S" (haha, i did'nt mean to use B S as in bullsh&t, it was purely accident)
Now pickin a starting point is purley up to the individual, i like to start with what i would concider a basic frame.
2- Now as you can see i am overlapping lines, sort of like a transparent style letter, but these lines will be erased after we ink the out lines in later.

3- You can be allot more creative once you get used to this kind of letter building, but for now keep it simple.

4- After your done you can ink in the outer lines of the letter  and then erase all the pencil lines, and thats it.
5- Also you can get more creative and add hookups and 3D to make the letter more funky.

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