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Basic Blending 2
Supplies L -2- R
-BLEND COLORS 1= 3 Pantone markers, 3 shades of blue for.
-COLORLESS BLENDER= this you will need for blending colors together and for blending colors into white. These markers don't bleed and are good for detail.
-BLEND COLORS 2= 3 color blend.  A deep dark blue into dark or rusty red, into a bright red
-HI LIGHTS= white paint marker thin nib.
Start with a inked in piece, and put a blotter page underneath.
take a ruler and pencil a light line right across the middle of the piece.
take your first blend color, darker blue and without touching the lines in the piece, mark a line across the top of the piece about a half inch off the top.
without touching the ink lines, fill in the top part of your letters.
we leave the borders blank cause we will be blending colors, and we don't want the colors to spread beyond the outline, we will fill in the blank edges later.
now take the 2nd mid blue and do the same thing, mark a line across the piece right under the darker blue.
now blend the mid blue into the edge of the darker blue quick and fast strokes, then fill in the area between the dark blue and mid blue.
now take the lightest blue and do the same thing. mark a line across the piece and blend and color.
now take your colorless blender and blend the lightest blue into the white, and also you can touch up your other blends with the CBlender.
Now take your deep dark blue, best with a small nib, and draw over the pencil line you did in the beginning.
with that same dark blue, outline these rounded shapes respecting the shape of the letters, leave the edges white again to prevent bleeding, and fill in.
mark another line across the bottom of the piece right under the dark blue, and blend the rusty darker red into the deep dark blue.
fill in the bottom part of the letters with the brighter red, and blend the bright red into the darker red (use the C blender if you need to.
now take the deep dark blue and draw a line across the middle of the piece right above the first line, and make that line as clean as possible.
with that same blue add these mountain terrain type shapes above the new line and fill them in.
take the white paint marker and outline the edges in the entire inside of the piece. the take your black felt tip outliner and add a thicker border around the entire outside of your piece and your done

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