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Here is a trick allot of writers use.
For the most part, most original writers were not that great at illustration and drawing. We were rocking letters. (there were some that went to art school though)
 Original writers did create B BOY style characters though.
but a trick we used was like this:
Allot of writers were copying from there favorite artists.
And with Characters like the oneS VAUGHN BODE created, it was easy to convert them into B BOY characters.

take any BODE style character (it can work with any character you like, even sponge bob)
Now sketch a basic version of that character without filling in the details.
Now instead of drawing the exact lizard. I started off drawing an afro, then added an Adidas jacket, Platinum cross, long tee, some jeans, and a pair of Adidas sneakers with phat laces.
Now outline the character and erase the pencil.
Add tons of extra details, like the threading on the pants, ice on the cross, details on the hair, spit flying out the mouth, what ever you feel.

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